Our Philosophy

Our Commitment to you



Green Assay LogoWe use eco-labeling to inform consumers about our green qualifications. We believe in the power of consumers to choose wisely and effect change through their choices. It will be some time before we can be ecologically perfect, but we strive to disclose to you not only our achievements, but also our shortcomings. We continue to seek better understandings of what is green, and look for ways for our customers to express their green preferences through their purchases. Learn more.


Lady relaxing on green grassWe abhor greenwashing. This includes the cover-seeking 'Responsible Sourcing' schemes of the jewelry industry, the cynical misrepresentations of the diamond industry, obfuscation, and the use of unsubstantiated claims made to exploit the eco/socially responsible niche of jewelry buyers.


We oppose diamond mining, with the unconscionable human and ecological sacrifice it extracts. With the availability of equivalent synthetics to handle cultural and industrial needs, mining of diamonds is simply no longer needed. By retraining diamond miners to earn non-mining livelihoods, we could help communities make a transition to sustainable and ecologically responsible economies.

Recycle symbolWe believe in recycling and offer jewelry made from recycled precious metals. Because extractive industries are by definition 'takers' in an ecological sense, logic tells us to reduce our reliance on new extraction by reusing and recycling those resources which are already available. You can help by recycling through our myKarat® program, and by choosing jewelry made from recycled precious metals.


We support the freedom to marry. The rightness of that freedom and the benefits to society seem to us so obvious as to render further discussion unnecessary.


We believe that process ethics become embedded in the end product. It matters how your materials are sourced. This is also true with respect to the creation and sale of jewelry, and we conduct our business accordingly.