Our Founders

We were born green



Couple holding hands with green woods in the backgroundMy wife and I had always felt a deep connection to the world around us. With a longstanding interest in environmental issues, we routinely tried to make "green" choices in our lives. When we decided to marry, finding rings that not only symbolized how we cared for each other, but also how we cared about the Earth, was a top priority. We set out to find eco-friendly rings, but there were no options which fit the bill. We married with no rings at all, and resolved to solve the problem later.

Thus was born the idea for greenKarat. A quest for eco-mined gold was tried first but quickly abandoned, and the search for recycled gold commenced. Although gold was being recycled at the time, there were no refiners who offered gold which was purely recycled. To our surprise, many in the industry were reluctant to even speak with us about the subject. When we finally found a willing refiner, they established criteria for greenKarat's metal and the refiner agreed to put it aside for us as it became available. Establishing an eco-gold supply was both time-consuming and eye-opening, and heralded the beginning of a major shift in the perspective of the jewelry industry.

Today our collection of eco-friendly fine jewelry includes wedding bands, engagement rings and gifts inspired by nature. All of our rings are handmade in the US and Canada and each piece is custom created for your order. Although we use the most environmentally friendly materials we can find, we nevertheless disclose the complete eco footprint of each piece. That transparency allows you to compare us with other jewelers and make informed buying decisions. To read more about our commitments to you, please visit our philosophy page.

We have grown as a company, now shipping rings throughout the US and to numerous international destinations. We attribute that success to staying true to our vision: offering jewelry to honor traditions, but in combination with modern environmental sensibilities. We are grateful to our customers, who like us, chose symbols of love that also embody their love for the planet. We like to call it a Marriage of Values®.

Matthew White