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Recycled Content disclosure



Green Assay LogoGreen Assay provides you with information regarding the ecological characteristics of the jewelry you are buying. Each component of the jewelry has its own history. Sometimes different parts of a piece are sourced or processed differently. While we only carry jewelry which we consider to be 'mostly' green, it is almost impossible right now to achieve a perfectly green product. Rather than asking you to take our word for it, we provide this information so that you may better evaluate your purchase through the lens of your own values.


When gold is distributed into the jewelry making process, its legacy travels with it. Careful records are kept regarding the gold sent to each artist or goldsmith. As the gold travels through its cycle into becoming finished jewelry, the ecological characteristics attributable to it and other added components are tracked and recorded.


The Green Assay disclosure on each product page offers the following information on the eco footprint of the piece:

  1. Eco Metal: Gold or platinum

  2. Eco Alloy: Is the alloy a recycled metal?

  3. Eco Findings: Are the findings (small parts) of the piece comprised of recycled gold or platinum?

  4. Eco Gems: Are included gems ecologically mined?

  5. Eco Refinery: Did the precious metal on this piece come from an ecologically certified refinery?

While it will be some time before greenKarat can be ecologically complete, we want you to be an informed consumer. We promise to disclose to you not only our achievements, but also the aspects of the jewelry we sell which have not yet reached ecological perfection. We will continue to seek a better understanding of what is green, and to look for ways that our customers can express their green preferences.


Detailed Green Assay Codes