Quotes from our Customers


"(Our rings) were made from the recycled gold of our friends and family, so they have a ton of sentimental and symbolic value."


Sara Cotner and Matt Bradford
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"Just want you guys to know that I absolutely love the ring! It's gorgeous and you guys did a really great job!!! Thanks for your help and service!"


"The rings are even more beautiful than we had imagined and the pattern of the Mokume is exactly what we were hoping for. We love the colour and the life that these rings have! They really represent the connection to the natural world that is such a core value to both of us."


"I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and attention you took in creating my wedding band. It arrived last month and I LOVE it!! It is just what I was hoping for, and the packaging is wonderful, too!"


Couple backpacking"They're here, they're beautiful, I am smitten. They're even more wonderful than I had hoped. Thank you so much."


"It is perfect, exactly what I imagined. I'd like to thank you for your excellent customer service and for suggesting the ring in the first place. You taking the extra step in showing me the custom ring was the difference in providing me with not just a ring I was happy with, but the perfect ring I imagined and will think fondly of every time I gaze at my finger for the rest of my life."


"I found you through a Google search for ethical engagement rings. You were the only ones I found that did not suggest Canadian Diamonds as an alternative, which I preferred greatly. Love your store. Will certainly be buying the wedding rings and future jewelry through you."


"It's perfect! I think I try it on at least once a day because it looks and makes me feel awesome. I've said this before but I feel that greenKarat is taking all the right steps towards cutting down the eco-footprint caused by the mining and jewelry industry in general."


"Thank you so much!!!! This ring surpassed all my wildest dreams and looks so finely crafted. It's everything I ever wanted without a mined diamond dripping blood off my finger. Thanks for putting up with a nervous bride. It's the most beautiful ring in the world. I've recommended Green Karat to everyone who comments on my ring and will continue to buy eco-friendly jewelry from you in the future!!!"


"I received my wedding ring today. It's beautiful! I can't wait until September when I get to wear it. A big thank you to everyone involved. And thank you for providing consumers with an eco-conscious way to own beautiful jewelry."


"My fiancée simply loves it! The ring itself of course, but also the packaging and presentation. Just wanted to say thanks very much for all your help through every stage of the process."


"My fiancé recently proposed to me with a ring from Green Karat and I just wanted to thank you guys for such BEAUTIFUL work. I wasn't much help to him during the planning process, so he was flying blind. The recycled metal band and manmade jewels are GORGEOUS, and it is more beautiful than anything I could have imagined."


"Thanks for making this such a simple and enjoyable process. I can't imagine having shopped anywhere else. Please expect my business in the future :)"


"The rings arrived about an hour ago, and they're absolutely gorgeous! Thanks to everyone at Green Karat for your help over the past few months, and for providing an eco-friendly option to traditional wedding jewellery."


"I wanted to thank you for the terrific ring I recently purchased from you. The ring is beautiful and the recipient of the ring was thrilled beyond all measure (I think some of that has to do with me, but the ring was everything we could have hoped for. Every time I glance over at her, she seems to be admiring it). Thanks for your quality and dedication. We are both very happy to have your company and your creation as part of our lives together."


"I am especially impressed that you don't participate in the Canadian diamond industry. I am graduating law school in May and I specialized in Aboriginal law (I've studied the issues with Canadian diamonds). The number of "ethical jewelers" who use Canadian diamonds sucks."


Couple - man in wheelchair"We got the rings this morning and they look great! Thank you so much for your hard work, please pass our gratitude along to the artists as well. We love that GK is environmentally conscious and the fact that your company was able to create two custom rings for us within our modest price range was awesome. We will definitely be future customers and pass your name along to our friends and family."


"I used to live in Africa and I just wanted to be sure that your sapphires were not coming from folks who are so badly exploited like the diamond miners are! These sound like they are just the thing for me."


"We picked up our rings from FedEx yesterday and just wanted to thank you for your and GreenKarat's excellent services. We love the bands and couldn't be happier with our purchases. Please keep up the great, environmentally-friendly jewelry work!"


"I just got my Gatsby band in the mail today, and I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE it. The 3/4 size fits perfectly. I am so happy I discovered you guys! I didn't think I would be able to find a ring that I could get this excited about in that price range. It's simple, but different. And knowing that the gold is recycled makes it that much better. So thanks again! I'm kind of sad that I have to wait three more months to wear it..."


"Thought I'd let you know that the ring arrived yesterday, and that she said YES! She loves the ring, and the packaging is also cool. We'll plant the paper likely in the spring."


"I wanted to tell you that the engagement ring purchased from you was absolutely perfect. I'm happy to report that she said "yes"! She loves the ring not only for its stunning looks, but because of the responsible way it was created. There couldn't have been a more perfect and fitting ring for such a wonderful woman. Thank you, all of you, for your dedication to both your art and the world. Doing business with GreenKarat was stress-free all the way and when we get closer to our wedding next fall, we will definitely be buying our wedding bands from you as well."


"I really love my ring….can't wait to wear it… Thanks so much for exceeding our expectations once again!"


"We got our rings and they are wonderful!! Plus we have new flowers for our garden from the packaging!"


"My husband and I purchased our wedding rings from you. Our rings have held up wonderfully and still look brand new!!! I have the Quetico and he has a matching band. We get compliments on them all the time and are so glad they are eco-friendly."


"Thank you so much for helping to design and make the ring of my dreams. It is exactly what I wanted, both stylistically and ethically."


"They are perfect...thank you. They are our wedding bands and we're ready to plant the boxes and invoice in a pot and watch them grow! Thanks for making these symbols so beautiful, simple, and green."


"JP and I received our rings yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful!!! We couldn't be happier. Thanks for all of the time and energy you put into helping us--we will treasure them forever! And, of course, we'll be sure to spread the word about greenKarat..."


"We got the rings yesterday, and boy are they gorgeous! (The packaging is awesome, too. Wow!)"


"My fiancé presented me with "Quetico" tonight. It is a MAGNIFICENT piece of art! I feel guilty because I love it so much. It is captivatingly simplistic! The sapphire is brilliant blue and the white gold is perfection! We are so grateful for your company. I am blessed he purchased it for me. We are excited to support your environmentally conscious efforts. We also do not believe in the mining practices of many diamonds and precious gems. Thank you! Thank you!"


2000dollarwedding.com"I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I really like what you guys are doing. I don't have a need for any jewelry right now... but I have bookmarked your site and shared it with friends. You are making a difference... congrats."


"Just wanted to let you know that the rings have arrived, and they're GORGEOUS!!! :) I can't imagine I will ever see a ring I like more." (refers to Vinea and Celestial Light)


"Thank you for the beautiful rings greenKarat! They are perfect for us, and we love knowing they are made of gold our mother and grandmother wore."


"I had been looking at other rings and on the verge of purchasing one from a store in a local mall. While debating about the ring, I was in the bookstore at the same mall and a book on green living caught my eye; I flipped through and landed on a page about ecologically responsible jewelry and listed there was your site. Needless to say, I decided against the ring from the mall! My girlfriend has always loved canary diamonds and the fact that yours is a created diamond set in recycled gold is perfect."


"We got the rings and we couldn't be happier. We both want to let you know how excited and overjoyed we are with the rings. THANK you all so much for going above and beyond to make all of this happen for us. Throughout this entire process your entire team has been AMAZING!!!! We can't even begin to thank you enough!!!! XOXOXO"


"We just wanted to let you know that we got our rings and absolutely love them!! They are so well done. They fit our fingers beautifully. We love the integration of our pebbles into the ring. We appreciate that you have given us the opportunity to incorporate the place we love (from the pebbles) with our values of environmentally and socially conscious actions, into our wedding rings. Thank you so much. We are thrilled."


"We really appreciate your patience in working with us and for the timely manner in which you worked with our request. We also wanted to say how grateful we are for the work that you all do. Finding eco-friendly solutions to different demands is a great service and we deeply appreciate how GreenKarat has considered environmental stewardship in its business."


"The engagement ring is AMAZING! She loves it! We are so proud of the "eco-consciousness" that went into it; it is truly one of the most meaningful things I've ever given someone. Thanks for a great experience."


"We truly appreciate your efforts to make beautiful jewelry that is earth-friendly. I'm especially touched you were able to include the gold from my mom's bands. It will be as if she's at the ceremony with us."


"I just received the ring. The FedEx guy had excellent timing... my girlfriend had just left about 15 minutes earlier! I gasped when I opened the box... it looked absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out... beyond expectation and well worth the wait."


"I LOVE our rings! They are gorgeous! Exactly what we wanted! Words can't even describe! Thank you so much for being so supportive through this process; I'm sure you know it is a bit stressful ordering wedding rings online - site unseen. We're very happy and will be recommending you to anyone that we hear of that's shopping for jewels."


"Just wanted to say how much I love the Gatsby ring I received this week. I had no idea it would arrive so quickly and I actually gasped when I opened the box. It's so beautiful. I'm so glad you all are doing the work you're doing. "


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. I was already sold just based on the eco-friendliness, the amazing customer service really just pushed you guys to the top. I will definitely refer you to anyone I know who will be purchasing jewelry."


"I am humbled by your faith in your business vision and straight talk; you've created a place in which people may mark a singular life moment while honoring the world in which we all must remain - no matter its state. Your commitment is part of creating the change."


"I wanted to let you know that I received my ring today and it is PERFECT!"


"My daughter and her husband LOVE the ring - I want to tell you that it was already lost and (miraculously) found once!!" Read story.


"My Gatsby with emerald and my fiance's wedding band are spectacular. In just a few days I have gotten about a million compliments on the engagement ring. Everyone comments that they have never seen a ring so unique and stunning. THANK YOU so much for everything; you guys were great to work with and I could not be more thrilled with our jewelry."


"We got the rings and are officially hitched! We LOVE them! Thanks sooooo much for everything."


"She loves it. I like the attention to detail... She has received a lot of comments like 'I've never seen anything like that before' and dozens of double glances from perfect strangers."


"Bravo on your 'We Support Freedom to Marry' proclamation on your home page. The moral outrage that same-sex couples can't marry (in most states) is mitigated (only slightly) in Vermont by our pioneering civil union law. In fact, we called the VT Attorney General's office to see if we could get a civil union. Turns out only same-sex couples can. So non-same-sex couples have to choose between two bad options: join a discriminatory institution or boycott it, foregoing its protections. Lousy choice."


"The ring is perfect! Everything I wanted. I have gotten so many compliments. I am (and will continue) to recommend you and your great company. Thanks again!"


"Just to say thanks so much, the wedding rings we ordered from you arrived here in London yesterday and they're perfect. We couldn't believe how quickly you got them to us and they were so safely packaged."


"I wanted to thank you deeply for the work you did on my now Fiancé's ring. Not only do you make fine jewelry, but you do it while keeping yourselves responsible for your work practices and ethic. It is hard to come by a company so committed to being genuine and simple; what you do just makes sense."


"I wanted to tell you that my fiancé and I have both had such a positive experience with Green Karat. I absolutely love my ring – I have the Gatsby Redux. I get compliments on it all the time, and lots of people have mentioned how they've heard such bad things about the diamond industry and how it's great that there is a place to get an alternative that is still really pretty."


"Every time I look at the ring I feel better - knowing that I have forged a bond with my significant other while maintaining my commitment to social and environmental responsibility."


"I am so very grateful for all your hard work and the back and forth communication that went into creating such a beautiful ring - my new fiancé was overwhelmed and completely adores the design and is particularly proud of the fact that such an amazing piece of jewelry was created with minimal ecological impact. She continues to pause and stare at it and it's been over 2 weeks since I popped the question!"


"We got the rings and they look amazing! Please let D know just how thrilled we are with the way they turned out - the engagement ring looks absolutely brilliant on C's hand and we could not have imagined a better wedding band to compliment it! Wow. Thank you."


"We received the Canary, Uncaged solitaire yesterday. I am so immensely pleased with it. I had long ago suppressed my desire for anything remotely traditional due to ethical and cost reasons combined. Your artistry has alleviated both of these concerns as well as provided an extraordinarily beautiful and well crafted piece that has allowed me to broach my ethical views with others. I have been suggesting your site to others for months, and now I will be only more enthusiastic. I look forward to our wedding bands which we intend to commission from you, as well. I foresee many years of meaningful pieces from GreenKarat."


"I just wanted to thank you for your help and the beautiful ring. We got engaged while camping on a small island in a northern lake while on a canoe trip…she had no idea I was planning this, and she loved the ring."


"We got the rings and they are beautiful. Thanks for providing the opportunity to add one more sustainable component to our lives. It's something close to our hearts, a visible reminder and an educational and conversational piece."


"I received my ring last Friday. I'm delighted with it -- it's beautiful. Thanks for providing this great service. It's the only way I could feel good about wearing gold! All the best and keep up the good work."


"Mahalo" is how they say "thanks!" in Hawaii, and I wanted to thank you for sending two absolutely beautiful rings. Not only are they distinctive and remarkable in their appearance, but also in that they represent good stewardship of natural resources. Good for you! - and may you enjoy continued success."


"Just wanted to let you know that we got the ring. L absolutely loooooves it, especially since it doesn't compromise her personal beliefs. You did a fantastic job! We are incredibly pleased."


"I just wanted to write to let you know that I have received the ring I ordered from you and I am really impressed with the quality and design. It is better than I imagined it - thank you for making socially conscious jewelry that actually looks fantastic!"


"Just wanted to check in and let you know we love, absolutely love our rings. Thanks again."


"We appreciate that you celebrate this world with care and love, and allow us to celebrate our love with the same intent to care for our world as we care for each other. Thank you."


"My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary over the weekend and my mother was presented with the ring. She cried. She was so overwhelmed both by the beauty of the ring plus the originality of it. My thanks and compliments go out to both you and the artist."


"Thank you so much for all your help in this whole process. Your patience is remarkable, your expertise is great, and the end product was excellent. J loves the ring… I proposed at sunrise at the beach and the whole thing went perfectly."


"I can't thank you enough for just being in business. Your care, combined with a daring entrepreneurial spirit, has allowed my fiancé and me to celebrate our engagement in an eco-friendly manner—just the way we wanted it. The stunning ring will always represent our shared love and values. I can only hope other jewelers will soon walk down the path you have boldly blazed. Again, thank you. You are making a difference."


"I cannot begin to thank you for doing this on such a short turnaround. My mother will love it. I also would like to let you know how thoroughly pleased I have been in my dealing with you. You have been more than helpful and incredibly pleasant. The ring is absolutely beautiful and unique."


"Got the ring. It looks fantastic. Thank you for providing something that expresses my commitment both to my wife-to-be and to protecting our environment."


"We wanted to let you know that we really appreciated your professionalism and Green Karat's excellent service. During the stages of wedding planning we were quite disappointed at the commercialism and frank greed of some vendors who lacked integrity and pride in their services and goods. It was disappointing to discover that most vendors lost sight of the fact that, although they were running a business, they were also supposed to be providing services and goods for an occasion that should be joyous for the couple. It was absolutely refreshing to find that you and Green Karat actually cared whether we were not only satisfied, but happy with our rings. Thank you very much for standing out in a crowd."


"The platinum bands fit wonderfully and are absolutely stunning. My partner and I are still in awe, and when she visited, we kept trying them on just because they look so darn good. Thank you for the wonderful service you have given to us and, as cheesy as it may sound, to our planet."


"She said Yes! and she loves the ring."


"I just received the Blue Norther ring and it is gorgeous... the stone is beautiful and the craftsmanship is excellent."


"Your example of customer service is stellar!"


"I think your efforts in greenKarat are wonderful. My fiancé and I knew that this was the right choice for our wedding band - something to remind us of our commitment to each other as well as our hope for a brighter world."


"The rings are beautiful!"


"You must have been reading my mind! I've always wished there could be an alternative to supporting destructive mining by buying traditional jewelry."


"We received our rings today in the mail and are very happy with the quality."


"What a relief to find you! It has always disturbed me the way most gold and precious gems were mined. I got married last week and we did not exchange rings because it did not "feel right" to purchase gold. After logging on to your web site I am now running home to measure for our new rings that we will purchase from greenKarat and that we will wear with pride."


"We received our rings yesterday, and they are BEAUTIFUL! We love them. Thanks so much for being so pleasant to work with (and flexible with our indecisiveness)!"


"Just wanted you to know how impressed I have been with your company. Starting with your web site on down to the delivery of a uniquely wrapped pair of fabulous earrings. This was the first time for me to order something over the internet and your company made it a very good experience for me."


"The rings arrived yesterday and they're perfect. I know I may be overdoing it with the appreciation, but thanks again. You've gone beyond the call and we are very grateful."


"Got them! They are beautiful!"