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Social & Environmental impact of diamonds


The moral bankruptcy of the diamond industry is illustrated very clearly in Canadian diamonds. The diamond mining companies, retailers of Canadian diamonds and even the Canadian government have partnered to create a deception regarding the pedigree of these sad stones.


The process started with 'negotiations' between First Nations and the diamond companies. The negotiation with the self described "trappers who live off the land" resulted in participation agreements that pay about $1 million annually to the First Nations, which is less than one day's revenue from the Ekati and Diavik mines. This negotiation was unconscionable, especially given that so many aboriginal people belonging to that land continue to live in poverty.


Lies and damned lies. Why is this story largely untold? Money. The producers, the retailers, and the Canadian government all have a significant stake in maintaining the fa├žade of ethical and clean diamonds.


The only group in the discussion which doesn't have a financial interest is Mining Watch Canada. And they don't like what they see. We have reprinted their observations in the section linked below, entitled "Canadian Diamonds - The dirt you really need to know."

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Canadian Diamonds
The dirt you really need to know


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Learn what your friendly diamond retailer left out of the brochure: The heartbreaking story of exploitation of Canada's indigenous people by the diamond industry, and the environmental damage caused by the mining.
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