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Congratulations on your engagement! Choosing an engagement ring needn't be a daunting undertaking. Although there are many factors to consider in selecting your symbol of commitment, we hope this overview will make it easy and enjoyable for you.


Before getting to the details of the ring it's important to first consider your budget. This will allow you to identify and consider all of the options in your price range, and to eliminate those possibilities which are out of reach. Indeed, the perfect ring will be one that you can comfortably afford. No couple ever benefitted from going into debt for a ring. If you've heard rumblings that you're supposed to spend two months' salary on a ring, that's simply propaganda. Read more about diamond industry marketing campaigns here.


Shape Diamonds-Round Shape Diamonds-Octagon Shape Diamonds-Cushion Shape Diamonds-Princess Shape Diamonds-Pear Trillion Diamonds-Oval Shape Diamonds-Marquise Shape Diamonds-Pear Shape
Setting Diamonds-Prong Setting Diamonds-Halo Setting Diamonds-Bezel Setting Diamonds-Three-Stone Setting Diamonds-Pave Setting Diamonds-Channel Setting
Precious Metals Platinum 18k White Gold 18k Yellow Gold 18k Rose Gold 14k Palladium White Gold Gold Labels
Stones White Diamond Moissanite White Sapphire Ruby Pink Diamond Yellow Diamond Padparadscha Pink Sapphire Yellow Sapphire Alexandrite Emerald Blue Diamond Blue Sapphire Diamond Decoder

Ethically Sourced Materials
You've probably already heard about blood diamonds and plan to avoid them. However, the pitfalls of buying fine jewelry go beyond that, especially if you seek an eco-friendly option. Any newly mined stones come with steep environmental damage. And jeweler claims of "recycled" gold are not always disclosing everything. To learn about the facts and pitfalls to avoid, explore the online tools in our decision tree.


As with other products, the quality of manufactured jeweler can vary greatly. Imported, mass produced jewelry is often inferior. However, there are plenty of local artisans who will create a one-of-a-kind design with a bit more sentiment. All greenKarat rings are handmade in the US and Canada. Even when you select a design from our online shop, the ring is created to fill your order. When weighing your options, don't forget to consider where your jewelry will be/has been made.


Ring Size
Ordering the ring in the correct size is a must to avoid sending the ring back to the bench after it's been gifted. Whether this is a surprise for your betrothed or you are shopping together, we are happy to help. Click this link to request a free ring sizer tool from greenKarat.

Caution: Sizing between jewelers can vary, sometimes dramatically. It's for this reason that we recommend using our free ring sizing tool. Should you decide to get your fingers sized elsewhere, the best way to ensure a consistent fit is using the interior diameter measurement (in millimeters, to at least the nearest tenth) of a ring that fits you well.


And there you have it. Of course you will learn more along the way. But, as long as you find a jeweler you can trust, you are sure to end up with the perfect symbol of your love.


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