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With the myKarat® program you can recycle old, unwanted gold or reuse sentimental gold to make new rings. Send in what you have at home or create a recycled gold registry and invite family & friends to submit their old jewelry. Either way, the value of all contributions turns into store credit. And if you want to reuse legacy gold (think Grandma's ring) we can refine that gold and use those same molecules to make new, sentimental rings.


Golden RecycleRecycling gold is a great way to help reduce your wedding or engagement ring budget. Some couples receive enough gifted jewelry through their registry that the value of gold submitted exceeds the cost of their new rings. In that case they get their rings for free!

By choosing recycled gold rings you enjoy the combination of tradition and environmental responsibility. How wonderful to wear symbols of love that also embody your love for the planet.


We like to call it a Marriage of Values®.


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