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Thanks for your interest in custom design! Please provide us with some basic information to get the conversation going. Our hope is to get to know you better and work together to design a wonderful new piece of jewelry unique to you and your relationship.


You have two options for starting this conversation:

  1. Complete the form below, or
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We also enjoy knowing the name of your partner, so we can address them personally throughout the dialogue.
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Deadline (if applicable):
Please let us know your wedding/commitment ceremony date, or if you have a vacation or ideal proposal time looming. It's best to know this information early, so we can pace ourselves accordingly.
General Description & Details:
Recycled Metal Choice:
Indicate your recycled metal choice. If you're unsure, please be sure to explore your options in our Ring Buying Guide.
Ring Size:
Click here to request a free Ring Sizing Tool.
Diamonds or Gemstones:
If your design includes stones, please let us know a little bit about what you'd like! Explore the available stones in our Ring Buying Guide or review the range of colors we offer in lab created diamonds.

Help us help you! If you're comfortable sharing this information, it can help us guide you through certain decisions on design, metal and stone options. If your original idea is outside of your price range, we can offer solutions instead of just leaving you hanging.

To obtain a general idea of pricing, please explore the standard products shown on the web site. Find those with similar materials as what you'd like to use, and use that price as a jumping off point. While most custom designs begin at $1,000, we offer a great selection of solitaires that are customizable in gem stone and shape for less than that amount.

Are you planning to participate in our myKarat® program?
This is a great way to significantly lower the cost of your purchase! Have your family and friends send in unwanted old and broken jewelry in exchange for a store credit, or use the gold from Grandma's ring to create a special legacy piece.
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